why am I here? 5.23.2005

As far as I can tell, there are three types of journals.

First are the "gossip" pages, running commentary about people's own lives. Often they are loaded with the details of people's private lives, combined with comments about other people either inside or outside of their own social clique.

Second, are the "linker" pages. These posters generally find some new shiny object, and post a link to it with a "ooh, cool; look at that!" or maybe a line or two as to what they think about it. Many political pundit sites contain a large number of these, though you can also find some degree of this with folks interested in technology, movies, or just about any other widely discussed topic on the Internet.

Third are the "creative" pages; pages that exist for the sole purpose of providing the owner the ability to express himself or herself creatively. Sometimes they are "poetry" pages; sometimes they are political punditry sites. They have something inside they need to express, and they express it.

My blog site exists for the primary purpose of my creatively expressing myself.

I'll often link to other people's stuff: there is a lot in the political arena that interests me. But the biggest reason for my maintaining this site is so I can practice the art of the essay--an art form which I never appreciated until just a few years ago.

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