boredom 8.10.2005

From High paying jobs are boring too.
There is a tendency among liberal arts types to think that it is grossly unfair that investment bankers make so much money, when said artsy type's clearly more socially valuable work is so pitifully renumerated. Having spent a summer doing it, I personally think that anyone who is willing to spend his Saturday night going over the fine print in an SEC prospectus until 2 am is welcome to all the filthy lucre they will pay him. ...

Investment banking is mind-bogglingly boring work, and only the very cream of the cream get paid the big bucks--the rest burn out of sheer boredom or because they don't have what it takes to reach the top echelons. So when we look at the fellows in Wall Street who are making millions a year, remember for every one of them, there are hundreds elsewhere who are reading the fine print of SEC prospectus documents (which are, quite honestly, better than sleeping pills), yet making only a moderate living.

It's sort of like acting, except the ones who haven't reached the top yet at least make a decent living. Acting, on the other hand, has a huge army of schlubs who have to get a day job just so they can continue doing what they do and still make the rent.

Rarer still are those who make excellent money who also love what they do.
It seems downright piggy for those of us with what my mother calls "English Major Jobs" to demand both fulfilling work and lavish renumeration.

posted by William Woody at 8:59 AM

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