understatment of the day 9.18.2005

From a LA Times article discussing how difficult it is, even in Los Angeles, to sell unusual homes--such as a home in Malabu on a moutain top with a scenic view of the ocean but shaped like a pyramid: What's not to love?
The mountaintop, ocean-view, 3,800-square-foot pyramid is the 25-year labor of love of Bill and Sally Fletcher, who aren't sure what their next home will look like but do have an idea of who their buyer will be: "Someone like us," Bill said.

The Fletchers are astronomy photographers and, in Bill's words, "are just infatuated with the pyramid shape and its energy." They of course share that infatuation — and their interest in astronomy — with the ancient Egyptians, none of whom will be found looking for homes in Malibu.

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