blogjams? 12.06.2005

Is it just me? Or is it that reading a Pajamas Media Blogjam is about as fucking boring as reading a Usenet flamewar when your news poster configurations are fried and you cannot comment back?

See, the thing I like about Blogs is that other people manage to either find stuff that is interesting or post on information from their own personal experience. So, for example, I like InstaPundit because of the myraid of pointers to interesting articles that also tickle my fancy. (Sort of like Slashdot.) I also happen to like bloggers like the Belmont Club because of it's extremely insightful analysis of various tactical situations.

But to presume that most bloggers are insightful enough that we want to watch an on-line debate: bleech. I'd rather stick to alt.bunnies.die.die.die; at least I get to mouth off and make an equal ass of myself. Like sex, being an asshole is more fun as a participatory sport rather than as a spectator sport.

posted by William Woody at 4:23 PM

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