Dr. Strangelove lashes back at the New McCarthy 5.09.2006

So I'm looking over at Wired, when I read: Ex-NSA Chief Assails Bush Taps
Former National Security Agency director Bobby Ray Inman lashed out at the Bush administration Monday night over its continued use of warrantless domestic wiretaps, making him one of the highest-ranking former intelligence officials to criticize the program in public, analysts say.
"Analysts?" There's a red flag. And the fact that he is the "highest ranking former intelligence official" to criticize the current wire tapping regime tells me they dug this guy up out of the farthest reaches of the conspiracy-minded moonbat crowd in order to score points against Bush.

Of course, this is my instinct. Let's see what Google has to say about Bobby Ray Inman:

Goodbye Dr. Strangelove: No fighting in the war room for Bobby Ray Inman
Media Coverage of Bobby Ray Inman: Pro-Israel McCarthyism in Action

A few links later, we learn that Mr. Inman cut Mossad off after Israel bombed Iran's nuclear facilities--which created a rift between Israel and the United States. He was also the head of the NSA under President Carter: fellow moonbats, seeking power.

Of course the list goes on and on, alternating between brief biographical outlines and evidence of Inman's nuttiness.

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