highlights from hell 7.05.2005

Today is what they've called where I work "Day One" of the Symantec/Veritas merger. I managed to oversleep my alarm, so wasn't on the 9:00am phone call and pep rally discussing the merger--which is interesting to me only in that the law is set up so that it's an "all or nothing" proposition: Friday when I logged off for the three day weekend, it was Symantec and Veritas; today on Tuesday it was only Symantec, with Veritas being reduced to a brand name a'la Peter Norton.

But one thing managed to happen which shook up the faith of the faithful here at work: the one thing which has caused unexpected gasps and moans from various co-workers every time they go into the kitchen just across the hall from my office.

Soda is no longer free.

Of course the cost of the soda is cheap: a quarter per can--which is roughly what it costs to buy soda in bulk. (I know; I buy it in bulk at home.) If soda was 75 cents a can, I'd be off buying a small refrigerator for my office and stocking it with bulk soda rather than typing this little--well, calling it a "rant" is perhaps overkill.

But the wailing and nashing of teeth and crys for change for a buck echos down the hall, a constant reminder that post-merger, things are not quite the same anymore. It may be better; Symantec may make more money than before; I even got a "What you do matters" book explaining to me how important I, as one of 20,000 odd faceless cogs in a software selling machine, really am to this little mom-and-pop shop with a market cap in the billions.

But soda, starting today, is now a quarter a can.

Oh, the humanity!

posted by William Woody at 7:07 PM

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