Representing God 6.23.2005

Waiding through the photographs my wife and I took while we were in Spain, I'm struck by the representation of God in a number of the pictures we took of various Catholic Cathedrals.

One representation in one church showed God as the eye in the triangle (familiar to anyone looking at the back of a $1 bill), surrounded by a circle of clouds and with rays shining from the triangle outwards through the clouds. (Apparently the ring of clouds represents the heavens, and the eye in the triangle represents the point at infinity beyond the clouds where God resides.)

Another representation has God as a triangle with rays eminating from it, but with the hebrew letters "yod", "heh", "vav" "heh," more popularly "Jehovah", though the letters don't suggest this is the correct pronounciation of the Jewish name for God. Interesting to see in a Catholic Church.

Only one representation has God as a man; most of them have God as some sort of abstraction: a point beyond the clouds or (interestingly enough) a glowing triangle with some symbology within it.

Take it for what you will; things like this fascinate me because they speak volumes as to how people try to represent the unrepresentable.

posted by William Woody at 11:56 AM

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