Waiting for Godot 6.22.2005

Well, I'm back on U.S. soil, though my flight from New York to Los Angeles to a waiting limo driver has been delayed. (Turns out hiring a limo car to pick us up only cost a few dollars more than long-term parking, and after almost getting smeared all over the freeway a few years back taking a shuttle, my wife and I figured what the hell; nice to have some guy wait for us.)

After all I've heard about how more sophisticated Europe is than the United States in the area of high technology, I did notice that only one hotel offered free wireless internet--and that was the one in Toledo. And their wireless hub was, well, a single hub in the middle of the hotel, which offered me a weak connection from the room at best. (Come on, guys; repeater antennas only cost a few euros.)

The other two places we stayed offered Internet--but at a daily rate which would pay for a couple of months of my internet back home. Turns out that they do offer high speed DSL in Spain nearly everywhere, but at a monthly subscription rate which is really only affordable by a handful. (Around $60/month to $90/month.) If Spain is an indication, wiring 90% of the population is easy, as 90% of the population are concentrated in high density housing projects and small apartments at high costs which make the apartments of Los Angeles seem affordable. No wonder most people use mass transit: it's all they can afford.

I do have a few thoughts on what I saw in Spain, but for now my body thinks it's after midnight and the sun hasn't set yet on the airport in JFK.

I hate air travel.

posted by William Woody at 3:28 PM

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