you are trapped in a maze of streets ever winding 6.10.2005

Old town Toledo, a typical street level shot

The streets in Toledo are very narrow. Some streets are no wider than the cars that attempt to navigate them, which leads to a sort of pedestrian "chicken": can a pedestrian squeeze himself sufficiently flat enough that a car traveling ten miles an hour can pass without killing said pedestrian?

More street shots. Old town Toledo is exceedingly beautiful, an eclectic mix of Moorish and European styles which seem to create the "Spanish" look and style. There are Jewish synagogues built with distinctly Arabic styles, and Christian churches with Arabic arches--and in both cases it's not the result of a hostile takeover of an existing mosque, but the friendly construction of buildings with shared influences.

Of course no photo essay of any town in Europe is complete without a picture of a church. It's odd to go into one: outside the streets are maybe 10 feet wide, and to enter into a grand space you go from claustrophobia to agoraphobia pretty quick...

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