not an occupying force 6.01.2005

Iraq: US Not An Occupying Force
The newly elected government of Iraq has requested an extension of the US mandate for providing their security from the United Nations, telling the world body that arbitrary timetables should be put aside and the Iraqis themselves should determine when the US presence would no longer be necessary. The Shi'ite Prime Minister, Ibrahim al-Jafaari, emphasized that American forces are not occupying Iraq but serve as "friendly forces" assisting the newly elected democratic government:...

The UNSC immediately and unanimously extended the mandate into 2006 as a result of Jafaari's request.

Regardless of how we got here, it's clear that despite the characterizations of the major media, the United States is not acting unilaterally in Iraq, nor are we an unwelcome force. The current Democratically elected government in Iraq wants us to stay--and for good reason. Much like Germany and Japan, Iraq would like the U.S. to provide security against forces who would otherwise wish to destabilize what is going on there. Unlike Germany and Japan, though, Iraq is also coming up to speed on developing it's own security apparatus.

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