hollywood (finally) guts the angry left 8.21.2005

For years now, there has been an embargo on the images from 9/11. There has been an embargo on video showing the planes hitting the New York World Trade Center. There has been an embargo on showing the images of the collapse of the Towers, information about the Pentagon, or Flight 93. There has been an embargo nomally so that people could be given the chance to "heal"--remember that polls right after 9/11 showed that the vast majority of the population was willing to support a "world-wide global war"--that is, World War III.

So the inflamatory images disappeared.

But Hollywood knows that death and destruction makes money. And 9/11 is, well, hundreds of millions of Hollywood studio profits, just sitting there on the table, saying "explot me and make money!"

Well, it appears the embargo is about to be lifted. We have a untitled Oliver Stone 9/11 project, a Discovery program on Flight 93, and ABC's 9/11 miniseries.

The heart and soul of the left's reaction to the Bush administration's War on Terror, including our invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and our drive to spread Democracy about the world, are all predicated on the theory that 9/11 only deserves in response a police action and not a military action. The problem is that the size and scope of the action, as well as the funding sources and support coming from the highest echelons of various foreign governments and the implicit support of this (and other) actions by a not-so-radical interpretation of Islamic scripture, implies that this is not a police action. But so long as the images of 9/11 are lost in the fuzziness of forgotten time, it's increasingly easier to forget why we have taken this on as a military action.

But Hollywood, in a desire to capitalize on what is probably the most capitalizable event in recent memory, is about to rekindle a smoldering spark that never really has died.

One wanders how the anti-war Left will take this.

posted by William Woody at 9:34 AM

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