a good point 12.08.2005

While talking to my brother this morning he raised an interesting point.

It'll be fine to call a Christmas Tree a "Holiday Tree", just as soon as we call a Menorah "Holiday Candles", the seven principles of Kwanzaa "Holiday principles", and Ramadan fasting "Holiday fasting."

Until then, it's hard to see how calling Christmas symbols "Holiday symbols" (and excising from public view anything that contains explicit Christian symbology) while continuing to revel in the religious symbology of other major religions as anything but anti-Christian and anti-Christmas.

posted by William Woody at 9:41 AM

I just happened across your blog and want to say, I am enjoying it immensely!

Bill Woody, Tulsa OK.

Anonymous Anonymous at 8:46 AM  

good point.
Blogger Joaquin at 2:39 PM  

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