Run Away! 12.30.2005

As seen on New Sisyphus: EU observers return to reopen Rafah
European monitors said they were reopening the Rafah border crossing Friday afternoon, hours after a group of angry Palestinian police forced them to close the border and flee.

Julio De La Guardia, spokesman for the European monitors, said the situation at the Gaza-Egypt border crossing was under control and the border would be opened for two hours. It was to reopen at 3:15 p.m.

Palestinian policemen angry over the killing of a fellow police officer stormed the Gaza-Egypt crossing Friday, firing in the air and forcing European monitors to close the border and flee, Palestinian and European officials said.

About 100 policemen entered the Rafah compound and took up positions alongside border patrol officers at the customs section of the crossing, Palestinian security officials and witnesses said.

The European observers - responsible for monitoring the crossing and ensuring the terms of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement are upheld - fled to an IDF base near the Gaza-Israel border, fearing the situation was spinning out of control, the officials said.

Apparently the European Union Observers who were sent to monitor the Gaza-Egypt border crossing were French.

But seriously, how pathetic has Europe become, when they cannot even maintain the security of a border crossing? The problem with Europe is that in it's own pacifistic socialist vision, they forgot that pacifism requires that all of mankind has evolved beyond the need for violence--because violence triumphs all.

This is why we need police officers who are armed, and standing armies who are battle-ready: because the entire world is not evolved beyond threatening to kill the EU observers, strapping dynamite on themselves and blowing up a bus full of children, or flying airplanes into tall buildings to kill everyone inside.

It goes back to the fundamental difference between the Left and the Right: the Left believes that mankind can and will eventually evolve beyond the need for violence and threatening observers with death--and so, to cure the middle east, it's just a matter of sitting down and listening to everyone's grievances and performing conflict resolution and compromise.

To the Right, this is patently absurd: so long as someone has a gun and is willing to threaten you, you'd better have a gun yourself. The Europeans have forgotten this simple reality--or at least forgotten to factor it into their thinking--which is why they had to flee to an Israeli Defense Force base, rather than being able to provide for their own defense.

This all reminds me of an old joke:

Q: "How many French men does it take to defend Paris?"
A: "We don't know: it's never been tried."

posted by William Woody at 10:05 AM

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