Single Points Of Failure 12.15.2005

Transit Talks Proceed in Starts and Stops
A strike by Local 100 of the Transport Workers Union, which represents 33,700 subway and bus workers, would begin at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow. Walkouts by public employees are illegal under state law.
Speaking of New York, it appears that the combined effects of a snowstorm and a mass-transit employee strike will potentially cripple New York. Because New York is the epitomy of high density urban living, urban planners have looked to New York as an example of how people through the world could live in efficiency without such ugliness as cars and personal transportation.

Well, if you rely upon public transportation for moving goods and people, if public transportation fails for whatever reason, you're screwed.

Of course most urban planners will look at tomorrow's strike (if it ever comes to pass) as the exception--something that doesn't have to be taken into account because such things normally don't happen in a perfect world--than what it really is: a single point of failure.

posted by William Woody at 6:26 AM

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