A Lot More Dangerous, and A Lot More Interesting 1.26.2006

Hamas Without Veils
There will be no excuses or ambiguities when Hamas fires rockets on Israel and launches suicide attacks against civilian targets. Until Tuesday, the PA could hide behind the excuse that they were not directly responsible and they could not rein in the "militants." Now the "militants" are the militia of the ruling party. They are one and the same with the Palestinian Authority. If they bomb Israel from Gaza — not under occupation anymore, and is therefore, technically, part of the Palestinian state the PLO proclaimed in Algiers in 1988, but never bothered to take responsibility for — that is an act of war, which can be responded to in kind, under the full cover of the internationally recognized right of self-defense. No more excuses that the Palestinians live under occupation, that the PA is too weak to disarm Hamas, that violence is not the policy of the PA. Hamas and the PA will be the same: What Hamas does is what the PA will stand for.
Life for Palestinians in Palestine has gotten very interesting.

As a terrorist organization, Hamas was hard to go after: after all, nation states can only really attack nation states, and non-governmental organizations such as Hamas existed in a quasi-legal limbo that exists just beyond law enforcement's reach, but using the big guns of a military response would incite the moralists of the world.

Now that Hamas is Palestine, Hamas has just graduated to the big boys. Not only is Hamas responsible for making sure the garbage gets picked up on time, the water continues to flow and money is paid to governmental workers, but Hamas is now a legitimate governmental player. Hamas is Palestine--and when Hamas takes pot shots at Israel, it's not the random acts of a disgruntled subset of the Palestinian people. It is an act of war waged by the legitimate elected officials of the Palestinian people.

Which makes Palestine under Hamas a legitimate target for invasion if Hamas commits an act of war--an act which apparently Hamas engages in with regularity out of force of habit.

posted by William Woody at 5:46 PM

That is an excellent observation and a very welcome and fresh one. I do like how you think and enjoy visiting and reading your latest comments a great deal. Do keep it up!!!

Oddly enough, except for the middle name perhaps, we share a name. Mine is William Woody as well. Take care.

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