Emergent Memes 7.31.2006

Two emerging memes from the Israeli/Hezbolah conflict:

(1) Why is Israel bombing Lebanon? Those Hezbolah guys are just these guys, you know? They're not Lebanon; they're just thugs, and despite having weapons from Iran, it'd be like the US military bombing downtown Los Angeles because a bunch of Crips shot up a bunch of Bloods and hit a woman with her baby.

(2) Hezbolah is actually a well-respected political party within Lebanon. They have the support of the majority of Lebanese voters. They build schools, they build roads, they help with social services. So when Israel calls for Hezbolah's destruction, they're going after a well-respected organization that does a lot of social good.

Is it just me, but do these two memes seem at odds? I mean, if Hezbolah is a part of the Lebanese government (point 2), doesn't this negate point 1 above, and doesn't this by extension make Hezbolah's bombing of random targets in Israel and kidnapping and murdering her soldiers an act of war between Lebanon and Israel?

posted by William Woody at 12:10 PM

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