the major media verses the bloggers 8.26.2005

So yesterday it was reported everywhere that Condoleezza Rice said of the Gaza pullout by Israel that "it cannot be Gaza only." And had our sole source of information been the press we wouldn't have learned that (a) it came from the New York Times, and (b) the New York Times fabricated the quote. But today, we have the State Department who is able to publish a raw transscript of the interview, and we have countless Bloggers who are capable of pulling up two web pages at once.

As seen on Little Green Footballs: Condoleezza Rice and The New York Times
The transcript of the interview was posted by the State Department this week. It shows that the purported quote -- made the centerpiece of the Times story [and the source of the "it cannot be Gaza only" comment -- ed.] -- was constructed by the Times from two separate, unrelated comments by Rice -- one taken out of context, the other not even accurately quoted.
It was not Rice dictating to Israel that it “cannot be Gaza only.” She was stating what others had been “repeatedly” telling Israel and the United States, and responding that there were four settlements in the West Bank being dismantled, with a Roadmap for the future.

Liberal bias leading to mis-information about Palestine? Naaaaaahhhh...

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