I'm going to hell for this. 2.11.2006

Don't fuck with the West and our free speech, because what was once repect has now turned into complete disdain for Islam and the childish leaders of that once great--but now totally fucked-up religion.

Exhibit A: The Mohammed Dance!

Less some Iranian decides that turnabout is fair play and it's time to make fun of Jesus, you're too late:

Exhibit B: The Jesus Dance.

I think this shows something important, though: the fact that rioters are demanding "respect"--and the major media is caving in en mass to those demands, which have no basis at all in the Muslim world--means that people's thoughts about Islam has gone from "obscure religion practiced abroad I know nothing about" to "the religion of mass-murdering morons who wouldn't know spirituality if it bites them on the ass."

Remember: you are judged by your actions, not by your words--and from the western perspective Islam is the religion of suicide bombers and hypocrites who claim "western freedom is terrorism."

posted by William Woody at 10:50 AM

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