Is the Cartoon Wars Islam's USS Maine? 2.05.2006

In 1898, off the coast of Spanish controlled Cuba, the U.S.S. Maine exploded, triggering the Spanish-American War with the rallying cry "Remember the Maine." At the time it was decided that a Spanish Mine caused the explosion, but in retrospect the timing was just too convenient: the disaster triggered a war which the public had been itching for for a long time.

Research done in 1976 suggested that the disaster was self-inflicted, probably caused by sabotage, in order to give the United States an "excuse" to enter the Spanish-American War. Granted in 1976 anti-war sentiment developed during the Vietnam War triggered a meme which asserted that the United States' war machinery was the root cause of the world's tradegies, so any "definitive" research at that time is suspect. However, the idea has taken root: the U.S.S. Maine was sacrificed so the United States could have the war it had been itching for.

Well, it appears the Danish Cartoons is Isalm's U.S.S. Maine: an excuse for the Arabic Middle East to have the war with the West it has been primed for by its leaders for decades.

First, we have protests over the Danish Cartoons, protests which apparently have been egged on by fake cartoons inserted alongside the real ones by Muslims trying to aggitate the general Muslim population.

Now we have the Danish and Norweign embassies in Syria torched to the ground over the cartoons--though apparently the torchings were egged on by false stories of planned Koranic burnings in Denmark.

It appears that there are forces in the Middle East who believe the United States is over-extended and cannot afford to fight another war, that the Europeans won't fight another war, and through committing an act of war themselves (burning the embassies of Denmark and Norway to the ground), they believe they can push Dhimmitude down the throats of Europe--making Europe essentially subservant to the Middle Eastern powers through controlling Europe's oil, and using the tools of the West (multiculturalism and technology) to shame the West into servatude--and threatening violence they know damned well won't be punished when someone steps over the line.

And you know what? It's working.

posted by William Woody at 11:05 AM

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