2006 BMW 325i 3.18.2006

For the past two years I've been thinking about buying a new car.

One of the first posts I made on LiveJournal was about the BMW Z-4, a very nice convertable car. I remember musing about how it was a sort of "executoy"; a very well built BMW convertable with all the really cool options. I've mused in the past about other cars as well, including the 325i and the Z-4 coup, which is due sometime later this year.

The problem I've faced, of course, is two hours a day in grueling Los Angeles traffic between Glendale and Santa Monica. Anyone who lives here knows there is no way to go from there to hear. The fundamental problem simply is that between the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles Basin, there is only two freeway that carry you across the intermediate moutain range: the 405 freeway--a 10 lane (5 in each direction) monster which would be overkill anywhere else in the world but here in Los Angeles is perpetually gridlocked, and the 5 freeway, an 8-lane monster which runs at a diagonal and forces you to take a relatively petit 110 through Downtown Los Angeles, making this option credible only at 3:00am on a holiday night.

And for going from almost anywhere in the San Fernando Valley to the West Side (such as Santa Monica), your only credible option is the 405 freeway--a serious bit of underkill given that it services 300,000 cars per day and moves around 400,000 people per day, a number on par with the population of Oakland, California.

So every day I'm stuck in stop and go traffic, one of those 400,000 people who are trying to get from the valley to the basin and through the 405/10 exchange, a monster bottleneck which handles 1 million cars per day--a number larger than the populations of all but the top 9 cities in the United States by population.

Which means that I needed something comfortable and entertaining.

After all these years of musing, and after a month of waiting, I finally got it.


posted by William Woody at 11:30 AM

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