Stupidity 2.15.2006

The more Muslims push the case that publishing images of Mohammad is "racist"--despite the fact that Mohammad has been drawn for centuries by Muslims themselves--and the more over the top the reaction is (burning buildings, murdering people, ranting in public), the crazier they appear.

And the more likely it is that people will say "oh, just grow the fuck up"--and publish more ridiculing statements.

I don't know which is worse: clearly this was a manufactured crisis--I mean, the cartoons were published in an Egyptian paper last year, and there was barely a whimper. And reports have it that the rioters who torched and burned the Danish embassy in Lebanon were bussed in from Syria. So it appears that many of the muslims who are now complaining about racism--who should know better--are either "useful idiots" (Lenin's phrase for people who advance one's cause without understanding it), or are deliberately deceiving the West in order to overthrow it.

But are the perpetrators of this manufactured crisis to blaim? Or the useful western idiots who have so bought into liberal multiculturalism that they are willing to sacrifice our freedoms, one at a time, on the altar of multiculturalism and practicality, in order to appease the perpetrators?

The latest casualty in all of this is Google, who apparently removed the following video from their video web site without explanation. It's In The Koran

What makes this really absurd is that the Muslim reaction in the middle east guarantees that more cartoons are coming. Which, as far as I can tell, is their plan: they're forcing a war with the West, the cartoons are a pretext--the Arabic equivalent of the U.S.S. Maine during the Spanish American War--and the useful multiculturalist idiots in the West are the first to raise the red flag.

One wonders how far Muslims will push before someone in the West wakes up and says "hey, what the fuck?" And before thinking that will be soon, remember that the Moores were in Spain for 700+ years repressing Christians and Jews in ways that the occassional "insulting" cartoon seems exceedingly minor.

posted by William Woody at 9:48 AM

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