The 2006 Terrorism Awards 8.04.2006

The starboard side of the blogosphere seems to be a-twitter with complaints about a BBC comedy show "Time Trumpet" which has a satirical segment called the "Terrorism Awards": Michelle Malkin comments here
We are a month away from the five-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I still pause, once a day, to think about what happened and how it has changed my outlook on life. How it has opened my eyes to the evils of jihad. How it has changed the focus of my work. How it affects my children. How it affects us all. Every so often, when I'm in Washington, D.C., and a plane flies low on its way to Dulles or Reagan Airport, I catch my breath. And I remember. I cannot fathom how the BBC, the once-revered British network of supposedly serious journalists, could pull a sick stunt like this.
Most of the conservative blogosphere are all up in arms over this video.

But I think it's a stupid reaction.

First, here's the video if you want to see what all the fuss is about.

My two cents: it's very clear to anyone who has been watching the news that there are many liberals in this country who are rooting for the terrorists to win. They want the terrorists to destroy the infrastructure of civilization, to tear down the west, and to kill a few million folks--because, well, you know to make an omlette you have to break a few eggs.

They see the West as evil incarnate.

I see a video such as this as perfect fodder for social satire: because it takes this liberal support from the extreme left--much of which you can see in Hollywood--and takes it to its logical conclusion: a Terrorism Awards Show, to run alongside the Oscars (with George Clooney opining on politics) and the People's Choice Awards and the other Hollywood self-congradulatory awards shows during awards season.

You can see the smiling happy people applauding when a jetliner knocks the top off of Big Ben! You can see their nervous giggles when they congradulate the lone gunman who killed Tony Blair! And you can see their smug self-centered congradulations as the destruction of a bus in Tel Aviv (and the murder of innocent civilians eggs for our omlette of a better world) marks the end of the Big Bad West, all in living color on the BBC!

It's the Extreme Left's dream, realized!

And the award goes to...Osama Bin Laden, for his destruction of the Parliment Building, which brings the Western World far closer to Jihad and Islamic Imperialism: because the multicultural left cannot deny that any culture, any culture! is inferior--except western civilization, of course. (Cue 'boos!' on the applause machine.)

posted by William Woody at 10:13 AM

it's "congratulations", "omelette" and "Parliament". Learn to spell.
Anonymous Anonymous at 6:59 AM  

There's an old saying on Usenet: when it devolves to a flame war about spelling, the thread is done--as the critics have nothing substantial to offer anymore.
Blogger William Woody at 1:30 PM  

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