enemy conservative blogsite? 7.13.2005

From Little Green Footballs: A Thread Too Foul for DU
The now deleted thread concerning Saddam has already been reposted to an enemy conservative blogsite under the title, “Saddam the benevolent”. Mission accomplished?

One comment.


Are these people at the Democratic Underground so damned stupid that they consider people who do not think as they do, and who stand up for their beliefs against vocal opposition from the Democratic Underground as the enemy?

How is my believing something different from you automatically make me the "enemy?" We may disagree, but all people disagree on some things. But to reduce intellectual disagreement based on what I believe to be sound reason but you may think is flawed make me the "enemy" and the subject of "hate" and the degree of bile that I've seen spewed at the Democratic Underground?

To the fellows at the Democratic Underground who think that people like me are your "enemy", let me offer you some advise.

Switch to decaf.

posted by William Woody at 4:18 PM

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