those who live in glass houses should not throw stones 8.26.2005

From the New York Times: Truth Has Been Sullied Too Many Times

Is the above article about the New York Time's reporting of Iraq? Of their deliberate misquoting of Dr. Rice's comments about Israel? Of problems with the major media?

No; this particular screed is about Lance Armstrong and how, in defending himself against a scurroulous charge of taking drugs half a decade ago--a charge that, if it were true, should have disqualified Lance Armstrong's first Tour de France win years ago--now sounds like a number of sports heros that defended themselves, only to fall from grace when the charges were proven true.

Apparently, if it's an attack upon America's heros, the truth doesn't mean squat--only the substance of the charge which is important.

It's odd that we should discover the mindset of the Liberal media establishment in New York in a complaint about some random sport. But there it is, for all to see: the New York Times believes Americans are tired of the truth, and only care about the charges--and in defending themselves against whatever scurroulous charges others wish to sully the truth, it doesn't matter what evidence is provided or even how petty or evil the person making the charge is. All that matters is that the charge. The truth is one of those inconvenient factoids which fails to sell newspapers and fails to capture any actual interest.

And so the New York Times, safely immune from things like "truth" or the motivation of the person making the charge, and interested in preserving "balance" by maintaining contact with all sorts of nasty folks--realizing, of course, that nice people will talk to you no matter how badly you treat them, but bad people will demand you report what they want or else--goes on smearing crap all over the Truth.

The odd thing is about this article is that it is the Major Media who sullies the truth--and it is the New York Times who no longer cares that the truth has been covered in crap, as they are in the business of spreading crap--not finding truth--for money.

posted by William Woody at 10:29 AM

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