it's been a while 10.29.2005

Yeah, it's been a while. First, about my cryptic note about hospitals: the doctor has prescribed antibiotics to fight off a bacterial infection which was apparently the source of the chest pains that I was experiencing. So between the stress and a bacterial infection I was experiencing severe chest pains, an inability to breathe--and with a grandmother who died of a heart attack, I thought I was having one myself. Or rather, I didn't know--and better to waste a night at the emergency room while doctors test you than go to sleep and die in your sleep over something that could have been prevented.

Of course stress is a bad thing, and I find that between politics, work, a friend who happens to be dying of cancer in the hospital, and other friends and aquantances who drive me bats, I find that I have enough stress for four or five people. Time to weed out the unnecessary stuff.

On the flip side, I found my next car.

For those who read my posts on Live Journal many years ago, one of my first posts was about the BMW Z4. While I never bought the car--I was waiting how my current job worked itself out before committing myself to a small fortune--I think the waiting was well worth it. And I think I'm going to wait about one more year.

For this: 2007 BMW Z4 3.0 Coupe


Now let's be honest. This is a very fast execu-toy. But with the way things have been going at work, well, I think I'm going to qualify as executive material--so it's time for a very fast execu-toy. With a navigation system and premium sound system, and it's commuting heaven.

Besides, I deserve it.

posted by William Woody at 10:52 PM

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