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(h/t: Little Green Footballs) Mutiny as passengers refuse to fly until Asians are removed

Before getting into the meat of this article, let me note its title. By using the word "Asians" (which is technically accurate if you place the Middle East in the continent of Asia) rather than the more accurate "Muslim Arabs", the article title makes it sound like the passengers were racist against Chinese or Japanese rather than worried about Muslim Arabs. We on't find out until we get to the 8th paragraph do we get a description of the men, though its hinted at in the second paragraph.

The money quote:
The trouble in Malaga flared last Wednesday as two British citizens in their 20s waited in the departure lounge to board the pre-dawn flight and were heard talking what passengers took to be Arabic. Worries spread after a female passenger said she had heard something that alarmed her.

Passengers noticed that, despite the heat, the pair were wearing leather jackets and thick jumpers and were regularly checking their watches.

Initially, six passengers refused to board the flight. On board the aircraft, word reached one family. To the astonishment of cabin crew, they stood up and walked off, followed quickly by others.

The Monarch pilot - a highly experienced captain - accompanied by armed Civil Guard police and airport security staff, approached the two men and took their passports.

Half an hour later, police returned and escorted the two Asian passengers off the jet.


"The plane was not yet full and it became apparent that people were refusing to board. In the gate waiting area, people had been talking about these two, who looked really suspicious with their heavy clothing, scruffy, rough, appearance and long hair.

"Some of the older children, who had seen the terror alert on television, were starting to mutter things like, 'Those two look like they're bombers.'

"Then a family stood up and walked off the aircraft. They were joined by others, about eight in all. We learned later that six or seven people had refused to get on the plane.

"There was no fuss or panic. People just calmly and quietly got off the plane. There were no racist taunts or any remarks directed at the men.
What is fascinating to me is not the fact that the passengers reacted the way they did--they were unwilling to bet their lives after hearing about the bombing attempt last week. Think about it: if you thought there was a one in twenty chance that getting on a plane would mean your certain death--would you get on the plane? Would you play Russian Roulette?

It doesn't really even surprise me that after getting an additional screening by the police and a thorough search of the premises they managed to get off the ground three hours late--with the men on board. People simply want to be safe.

No, what surprises me is twofold: first, this clearly demonstrates that despite being told constantly time and time again by the press that our fears are unfounded, that our instincts are racist and that all Arabic Muslims are peaceful people from the Religion Of Peace--people clearly do not trust what they are being told, and they clearly understand the threat that they face. Even at the risk of being called racist in the title of a newspaper article.

We're constantly fed a regular diet of pundits who tell us that our fears are unfounded, that we are at the cause of 9/11, that we must apologize for our sins, and that Muslims in our midst represent absolutely no threat. And people are unwilling to risk their lives on this diet of multicultural pap.

The second thing that this tells me is that people do not trust the government's screening process.

By being constantly reassured by the government that there is no problem, by being constantly told that we need to stop fighting the Muslims in "Asia" because it's expending too much time and effort and is only pissing people off, by being constantly told that we need to restructure our laws so as to make Muslims more comfortable--really, is it any wonder that people no longer trust their government?

Honestly at this time in our history it would only take a few leaders who are willing to call a spade a spade in public, who was willing to pledge their support in eradicating the risk from overseas--by nukes if necessary--and the entire Anglosphere would drop right behind that leader in what could only be called a Holy Crusade to spread Democracy by basically lining up the leaders and pretenders to the thrones in the Middle East up against the wall and putting a bullet in each of their heads.

And if the Governments of the world won't do it because they're all infected with the meme of multiculturalism, I suspect this little mutany on an aircraft in Malaga will not be the last mutany we see.

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