u.s. out of new orleans! 9.01.2005

The logic of the Left on Iraq was that as there was an insurgency--evidenced by the use of small arms fire and mortar shells--the United States should pull out now. Obviously the people of Iraq don't want the United States there--so clearly we need to pull out now.

Time to apply logic equally: Gunmen target medical convoy
New Orleans' Charity Hospital halted efforts to evacuate its patients after it came under sniper fire, according to Dr. Tyler Curiel, who witnessed the incidents.

Clearly the insurgency in New Orleans doesn't want us there, so clearly the United States needs to pull out of southern Louisiana. Of course, applying the logic of the left, it's clear that people in New Orleans aren't ready to deal with democracy--but given that the vast majority of the pictures feature people with black skin, that's probably a leap the left should make with some care...

posted by William Woody at 1:19 PM

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